Saturday, February 13, 2010

Drip, drop, drip

Snow is melting. Fun is ending. Boredom is coming.

Or is it? No, not for me. Because I am going to my grandparent's house today, I wouldn't be going if I weren't going to have fun!

My girlfriend cousins are going up there today, and so am I! I don't see them often, so it will be nice. That last time I saw them was Thanksgiving.

This is probably the shortest post I've ever written. No, it IS the shortest post I've ever written. It's just so boring! Nothing happens, it seems, after something big, like a snowstorm in Texas (OKAY, not snowstorm) which includes losing electricity. But something, at at last, will be interesting after another interesting thing that is over.

OK, end. Time to go read some other weirdo's blog! You, not me.

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