Monday, February 21, 2011

The Guest

Elizabeth's friend from college, Katherine, came on Saturday around, maybe, four. We had for supper a bread and cheese meal made up mostly of the stuff she had brought down, cheeses and fruit and stuff.

On Sunday, we all went to Mass, and then came home for breakfast. Nothing much happened, other than that. Quite boring. Not something to read about.

Then today, Monday, I got up at 8:30. Katherine and Izzy went to UD, and I did my school. Rebecca, MM, and I went to the library recentlyish, and I got five Agatha Christies, some Percy Jackson stuff, and three tapes. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Valentine's

As yesterday was a celebrated day, i decided I would write about what I did to 'celebrate' it. Nothing. Basically, nothing. Rose and I played tons, and we made an awesome scrapbook page that needs something right in the middle. We had a big bowl of little candy hearts, and the Dougherty's brought over some cookies and cupcakes. We also had a big thing of those chocolates with stuff inside and you never know what you're gonna get and everybody but me hates the fruit ones.

We watched RETURN TO ME after a spectacular dinner of shrimp pasta, and then we went to bed. Very basic day, with a couple little exciting tweaks like candy. :) 

Sunday, February 13, 2011


This charming book by Roald Dahl is one of my favorites. The Big Friendly Giant is a fantastic character, I have read it several times and will probably read it more. 

Roald Dahl has written a great deal of children's books, and the ones that I have read are all amazing. This particular one is very funny and overall quite delightful. If you're looking for something to read that's simple and easy, you've found it.  

Friday, February 11, 2011

And Then There Were None (also published Ten Little Indians)

This is the first Agatha Christie I have read, and it is by all means one of my favourite books. It is thrilling and terrifying, I would not recommend reading it before you go to sleep, because you won't go to sleep. It is so good!

I intend to read more of Agatha Christie's mysteries, so look out for more reviews! I love the writing style, and the suspense. If you like mysteries, I'm sure you'll like this one best. 

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

White World, the Sequel

Today, I woke up bright and early, at 10:30. Ouch. Oh well. So anyway, it was all icy outside, but now it's all melted. :(. So annoying. Elizabeth made a yummy breakfast, eggs and something green and bacon in little pie crusts. They were WONDERFUL! I also had a piece of Starbucks Gingerbread Biscotti.

I have finished all of my, school, yay! I registered with this sight called 750 Words, and you just type up a bunch of stuff. You try to get up to 750 words a day. I got 1505 today. And it shows you your stats, words you use most, how many words a minute, how long you've been writing, stuff like that. It's really fun! Just go to and log in!

Other than that, my day has been pretty boring! I might write up some more if anything exciting happens, but otherwise, this is what you're getting! 

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

10 a Month for 10 Months

I am very eager to post lots this year, and I think i may have said that my goal is to have 150 by next January. Still my goal. I can't wait! If I do 10 post a month, then in 10 months I'll have reached my goal. So check my blog an extra lot!

Today, math went by sooooooo sloooowww. It was dreadful! But now I'm done! Yay!

For lunch, i had a fantastic Pickle Sandwich using the Spiral Diner recipe with a few twists as I didn't have the right ingredients. I will not give you the recipe as it is property from the Spiral, but next time youg ot here, you will know what to order. I'm so helpful! 

Monday, February 07, 2011

the Trumpet of the Swan

This book about a mute swan is quite enjoyable for a quick read right before you go to bed. I've read it a few times now, each time I always forget the order of events, and I also like the writing style.

It's definitely a quick read. You could probably read it in a couple of hours. You should try it if you're ever having trouble sleeping, it's very calm and relaxing, to me anyway. 

Super Bowl Sunday, No way.

I'm not really into football. At all. I didn't even know the Super Bowl was taking place yesterday on Saturday. I just don't care about it.

So yesterday, instead of watching the Super Bowl, I crocheted. I crocheted a lot. I'm making a blanket-shawl thing, out of this gorgeous yarn I got a Jo-Ann's. I have four skeins of it, I'm on my second. It is 98 stitches across, and I'm super happy with it!

Also yesterday, i dug up my book from my email, the book I still haven't finished but wrote the ending to the other day. I started to go through it, just reading it and editing up mistakes. I'm so excited to finish it!

And now I must go and attend to my schoolwork, which I have been avoiding. Except for the fact that it is almost time for lunch, so now it's time to start digging through the fridge for something. Maybe I'll do some form of school while I eat. Just to get it done.

Friday, February 04, 2011

White World

I woke this morning to she sound of Elizabeth screaming "MARY MARGARET! MARY MARGARET! MARY MARGARET!" from her bed right above me. Finally (I'm sorry about the underlining, our computer has problems) Mary Margaret came in, and then they talked about U.D. being closed for a couple seconds. Because of snow, of course. That was probably around 7:30 or something. I slept for another hour and a half, and then shuffled out to make some toast. After breakfast, I went outside in the snow a bit. Homer came too. The snow kind of gets tangled up in his fur, literally, and so MM held him in a towel for ages upon ages.

Eventually, my sisters and one of my brothers (Thomas) came outside with me. We decided to go to Bravo Ranch, a very close store (like, down the street and take a left, you're there) for marshmallows and graham crackers so we could make s'mores, but they didn't have any! So we went to the donut place next to Bravo Ranch and got 4 dozen donut holes.

Rose and i watched Sky High while I grated soap, and then she went home for lunch and didn't want to come back. Buggy of her.

Thomas an I tried to make a snowman, but the snow is rubbish and it didn't work. So we made snow cones instead. Lemon snow cones.

Izzy and I played SKip-bo. I won. It was very fun. Shortly afterwards we ate dinner, soup with bacon, sausage, lentils, carrots, zucchini, and probably some other stuff.

After dinner, my mom, dad and I watched an episode of MONK.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Twirly Whirly Carrots and Ice

Well this morning my guinea pigs were fed carrots, and they ate them in spirals. They are like spiral staircases! It is amazing, I own two little sculptors. I wish i had pictures, but sadly i don't. 

So we have had two days of solid ice on the roads. We've all been sitting around enjoying our selves, the first day, we watched the full five hours of Pride and Prejudice. It was good fun, very good. 

Then yesterday, we were mostly just sitting around being lazy, at least, i was. After dinner, we ate cookies and watched an episode of MONK, which we quite enjoyed. I suppose. 

And now, I am being lazy and writing and what not and everybody else is being busy.