Friday, April 22, 2011

A Series Of Unfortunate Events- The Bad Beginning

This is really a fabulous book, despite Lemony Snicket's almost constant advice to shut the book and read something happier. It is exciting and interesting and creatively new in dozens of ways.

This book is a must. If you haven't read it already, anyway. Something nice and sadly funny, a fantastic read for a rainy day. Or a road trip. 

A Pocket Full Of Rye

I have finally finished this brilliant book of Agatha Christie's. It is an insanely captivating book, and it is almost impossible to figure out who the murderer is, unless you're me. Which you obviously aren't, no luck towards you.

I will warn you–– when you get this book, it will be hard to stop reading. I stayed up till one o'clock last night because I just had to finish it. I would advise drinking a lot of water while you read. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


On Ebay a couple of weeks back I ordered a little troll doll. You know, the little things with tufty colored hair. And she (she because of the dress) came today.

I can't decide what to name her, but it has to start with a T because there is a T on her dress. So please email or comment if you have any suggestions! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Skyclan's Destiny

I was once into the Warrior books, I sure many of you remember. I recently checked out a Warrior's book, called Skyclan's Destiny. In the case of Warriors, Judge a book by its cover. Let's start with that. Skyclan's Destiny is not the best name, it sounds sort of fateful and idiotic.

It is a page-turner, and it is exciting. But it is terribly written. All there is to keep you going is the flashbacks of cats, and reading the last page of the book first, therefor wanting to know about the history behind those last few lines.

I would not encourage the reading of this book unless you are a very lowly person, or have bad bookstore and there isn't anything better. 

Mud Pies

Yesterday? No, Sunday. On Sunday, my friend Rose and I were talking about how great it was when we were nine and we made all those fantastic foods out of poisonous berries and chocolate cake and brownies and whatnot.

So we decided to do that again. Just for fun, you know, old time's sake. So we started out my making up the batter for chocolate cake, and making stew. We chipped bark off a tree for stew meat, and we added dirt, grass, flowers, onions, ant piles, and other things. It was a lovely stew.

Then Rose began to shape our chocolate cake. A small, round, beautiful chocolaty brown cake. I made the glaze, a shade lighter, and runnier, than the cake itself. We poured my wonderful glaze on the wonderful cake, and it looked FANTASTIC. But it needed some unchocolaty goodness. So we added a ring of white, flowery sprigs. Then it needed something in the center. So I had the brilliant idea of a star made from the leftover batter. We placed it in the middle, and in the middle of the star we stuck a single, tiny white flower.

Our cake was by far the best and most beautiful thing ever made from dirt, water, and flowers. 

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Greatness of Doing Great Things

I've been doing a terrible job with my 10 a month for 10 months. I only wrote a few times in March, and I haven't written at all in April so far. But I am determined to do better. 

This past Saturday, my sister Rebecca and I made some cookies for the wounded soldiers. I made zucchini bars, which turned out amazing, and Charlie (Rebecca) made these butterscotch bars I think they were, which were, in my taste, even better. :) We mailed the package, and then went to Payless, where I bought some silver flats for church and a black wallet. Then we went to Office Depot, where I bought a pack of colored pens that weren't sharpies, but are pretty close, and two totally awesome mechanical pencils. 

I'm into a Dr Who spin-off show, called the Sarah Jane Adventures. Rose and I have started watching those every weekend, and we will continue to do so until the... new series... of Doctor Who... comes out. I will post a countdown in a bit. 

That's all for now, folks!