Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amon Carter

I love that name for a museum. Sort of... yeah. Whatever.

So we went today to see the 'Allure of Paper' exhibit at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. Well, naturally we didn't only see the watercolor and drawings featured, but also all the other lovely, or not so lovely, art. My favorite was a small statue of a woman spinning with a distaff and drop spindle, which I'm proud to say I could name what she was doing, thanks to the fiber class I took at the Shabby Sheep.

Me being me, I got bored very quickly and went to sit in a sort of place with couches and chairs to write. Which I did for quite a while before Rebecca showed me where the exhibit was so I could see all the amazingly detailed drawings and watercolors. Shortly after that, we went down to the gift shop. I purchased a card for my soldier Marsha Clark and a postcard for my 'friend' 'Geniuz Roz' (Rose).

Lunch was taken at an Italian restaurant I don't know the name of. Izzy and madre split an anchovy and spinach pizza, MM and Becca split a pepperoni/sausage/onion/green pepper pizza, and I had stromboli, which I could only eat half of.

Home was the next destination, and here we are, now awaiting a hopefully and probably delicious meal made by Rebecca, followed by a probably even better dessert.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am obsessed with Harry Potter again. I'm sorry Doctor Who, but right now HP rules all. And it's over. There will never ever be another Harry Potter movie or book. It's so depressing.

It was, stunningly, almost a week ago that we saw the Deathly Hallows part II at midnight. Well, sort of almost a week. Tomorrow at midnight. Anyway, back to the point.. It was so fantastic. By all means one of my favorite movies.

However, the few minutes before the movie started were spent on anxiousness, as the trailers were continually messing up. And so it had to be delayed while they fixed things, which was dreadfully nerve wracking. x-P

But the movie was so brilliant that it didn't matter. Hopefully that wonderful day when I get to see it again will be Friday. I watched part 1 on Friday night with my mom, even though I'd just seen it Wednesday night.

Part II was better than part I, but honestly, not by much. They are all such amazing movies. Such amazing books. I am if possible more obsessed than I was when I first started reading them. And that is saying quite a lot.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

DD is pronounced 'th,' S is pronounced 'sh' before ie, ia, io, and iw, and LL is the most difficult sound in the world to make.

Wales! I love Wales! It is my life's goal to learn to speak Welsh. And I've already started!

Gardd means Garden. It is pronounced 'Garthe'.

Ci means Dog. It is pronounced 'Key'.

That is some of what I know. I am learning so much! I'm doing good, considering that I'm learning from little internet things. I'm also saving up to buy the Rosetta Stone for Welsh.


AAA! One of the chickens FINALLY laid an egg! It's so adorable! It's tiny and brown and perfectly shaped. We can't wait to get more!

Apparently, the first couple of eggs are normally sort of rubbery shelled and sometimes deformed. But our chickens are so healthy and wonderful, they laid a perfect egg on the very first try. Well, we all know that Lowerys are superior to everybody else, and it turns out our chickens have followed in the Lowery way.

Silver on the Tree

Well, I decided to skip the rest of Harry Potter and go straight onto the Dark is Rising. Well, I'm glad I did, because Silver on the Tree is a really phenomenal book. Unfortunately, it is the last in the series, so I have no more to read, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

From Will Stanton, the last of the Old Ones, to Bran Davies, a totally cool Pendragon, to Simon, Jane, and Barney Drew, the story is fascinating in every aspect. I completely disagree with the ending, but I rearranged it, so it is a brilliant ending to a brilliant sequence of books. And, it takes place in Wales, which adds about five billion plusses. I love Wales.