Saturday, January 23, 2010

Toil for Technology

My life is not centered around technical devices: cell phones, iPods, ect. But that does now, however, mean that I do not find them useful. For instance, I have an iPod Shuffle, and, even if I don't listen to it 24-7, that makes work more enjoyable. And CD players are great for listening to audio books, like, I am listening to Artemis Fowl, and I wouldn't know that there was more great literature out there if I weren't, because I didn't get too far reading with my own eyes.

I have recently, like, in the last few hours, obtained two new objects controlled by technology.

My Mom took me to Best Buy to see if they had a speaker for iPods, CD players, tape players, etc, clip-on headphones, and a rechargeable battery and charger. At Best Buy, a worker helped us to find a perfect speaker–a small, black animal with its skeleton on it, rather like the stuffed cat I recieved on my birthday from David and Augustine, but not distinguishable between species and with ribs painted on as well as skull and arms. I think that it deeply resembles a bear, but I'm not really sure. It is about three inches tall, with the speaker on the back of its head. I named it Skully, and I have half decided that it is of the male gender.

The great thing about Skully, is that it has a RECHARGEABLE BATTERY!!! Like an iPod, it has a cord which you plug into the computer and then takes about two hours to charge up.

At Best Buy there were also some headphones which reached my interest, but I decided not to get them because there might be better ones at Target. So, my Mom took me to Target. And there, I found the same kind, but about five dollars cheaper. I'm so glad we decided to go to Target!

Well, these two new technical devices work quite well, and I am sure they will for a while more, and that is all I have to tell today. So you'll have to hang on to this amzingly well written work untill my next post. Heehee!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Life is short–eat chocolate

(to be sung)

It's the best stuff in the world,
It's the best stuff in the world!
When your sweet tooth calls for sweets
It's best to eat chocolate.
When you're supposed to be eating your beets
Eat some chocolate instead.
When you're bored
Eat some chocolate!
And you will be completely cured.

Do you like my song? It was inspired by my sister, Rebecca, AKA Chucke. Care to know why?

About a week before my birthday, Rebecca called. I talked to her, and read her my list at her request. There was a lot of food mentioned on it. So she said,

"So if I get you food, you'd be happy?"

"Yeeeeeeeess," I replied impishly.

Now, today, Friday, a package came in the mail addressed: The Lowery's. I got to open it. There was some stuff for other people, a couple of things for her friend, Annie, whose birthday is coming up, and a cylinder-shaped package wrapped in a Hershey's bag labeled: My Baby. That was me, needless to say. I opened it and found a Hershey's can of about 25 mini-Hershey's bars, and that means–YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's my story of today, and I certainly hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some people are failures in absolutely everything, like me

Like the fact that I can't give up dead-animal when the stuff is on the table. But, my Mom said that it was just my body telling me I needed the nutrients. Or that I can't follow a diet–well, I CAN, but I'd rather not. And like I never got around to cleaning out my junk drawer–I promised myself I'd do it the next day, which was yesterday, if you know what I mean. I didn't get around to it. I doubt I will today, either, but I'll try.

My friend Rose Dougherty and I started this awesome, outdoors game yesterday. It is based partly on the books Artemis Foul which she has read and I am starting. And, as we both love it, our game was inspired by it. Here's the game–we find twelve cool crystals or rocks in her backyard, we each take six, and hide them. The other person can see you hiding them, or whatever, so it isn't like hide and seek, but when we've finished hiding them, we start to play and pretend we don't know where they are, and our two yards are different parts of the world. And, our parents are multi-millionaires, so we have all this stuff–iPhones, normal phones, mini-laptops with an amazing connection wherever they are, and really fast, too, and tons of other stuff. Then our parents take us all over the world, not knowing that we are looking for magic stones (by the way, they are magic, and when they are all put together the owner(s) become invincible). So far, we've found one stone.

Well, that's about all the news, so, see you later, alligator!

"In a while, crocodile!"

"Mighty fine, porcupine!"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ready to be organized?

As I said in my last post, I got an organizer for my birthday. I gave little description of it, but it is four canvas panels with either a)2 pockets, b)3 pockets or, c)4 pockets in each one. They are bright pink, normal pink, and white. With it there came several fabric stickers, such as flowers and tags, and sixteen rhinestones. Oh, and there were, and are, two fabric markers as well.

So... it's an organizer, and I am not a very organize person. Yet. I can still change, and I will change, TODAY! First of all, I'm going to sort out my junk drawer. It will take a long time, but, hey, apparently it will save oodles of time later to do the stuff I want to do (that's that's what the organizer kit said)! After that, who know what? Maybe I'll be too tired to keep working. or maybe I'll sort through the rest of my drawers.

Yesterday I decorated my organizer with all the stickers and rhinestones and fabric markers. Today, hopefully, I will hang it up on the inside of my wardrobe door. I have already stuffed two pockets with all of my lanyard string, another with all of my empty key rings, and ANOTHER with all of the leftover stickers and rhinestones. I hope it won't tear the wardrobe door: it's cheap wood, after all, and if I drill holes in it...

My vegetarianism didn't go too well yesterday; I ate meat. :(. But I will start afresh today, take a deep breath, and quit being a carnivore!

Well, this post was destined to be short, and so it was. Makes up for my last one, though, doesn't it? Well, bye till my next post! Hope you enjoyed it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do wishes ever come true?

I know some of mine have! Here's my favorite:

Well, I wanted to have my friend, Atheena Frizzell, over on Saturday night, and then she would be here the entire day on my birthday, Sunday. I called her, and she said she couldn't. How very, very sad! Ah well. Then, a day or two later, I happened to glance at the clock.

"It's 1:11," I cried. "Make a wish!" And I most certainly did. I wished that Atheena would be able to come over on Saturday to spend the night.

Then, my Mom had the BRILLIANT idea of me calling Atheena again, and asking her if she could spend the night on SUNDAY! She and her Mom and my brother David were already coming for supper, so it wouldn't hurt for her to stay, would it? So, I dialed her number and asked. And you can guess what Atheena said! No, she couldn't, BUT SHE COULD COME ON SATURDAY!!! I was so excited.

Well, Saturday came, sure enough. I was almost more excited about it then I was about my birthday! Atheena got here at about six or six thirty. Then
the fun began. First, she was introduced to everybody, because the last time she had come over, everybody had been gone on a backpacking trip, except for my Mom and I. Then, we went to the back, and she showed me how to play a game called Mad Gab, which is pretty hard to explain, but I'll do my best. So, there are a bunch of cards. There is a set of words on the cards, random words that make no sense whatsoever. But, when you put them together and take them apart, and say it over and over again, it comes to be a phrase, or a place, or a famous person. Something like that.

Well, after that, we began to make cards for the game Werewolf, which we would be playing on my birthday. We made ten cards, which was more than enough. But, unfortunately, before we could start, we had to eat dinner. Oh well, at least it was tasty–Italian Veggie Casserole! When we were finished, we started on the Werewolf cards. But, alas, we ONLY started. At about 9:30, we got ready for bed, and began to watch one of my favorite movies: SKY HIGH. I believe I mentioned watching it in my last post? Well, when it was over, it was almost midnight, and we had to get up early on Sunday for mass. Unfortunately for me, I got only two hours of sleep. :(

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! On Sunday morning, at 8:00, me and Atheena began to ready ourselves for mass. At 8:40, we left. At about 10:00, we got home, and my Mom started making breakfast–vegan pancakes! Atheena and I finished our Werewolf cards. The pancakes were delicious.

Throughout Sunday, me and Atheena did an assortment of things. Like, drawing fairyland, which is actually a lot less kiddish then it would seem. We also swung, went for a walk, and watched SKY HIGH again!

We had already started supper when Augustine and David came, which was enchiladas, but they joined right in. After supper, I opened presents.

From David and Augustine, I got two awesome T-shirts, one of which I am wearing right now, a sweater, which I am also wearing right now, and a stuffed cat named Lady Bones. From my Mom and Dad, I got a jar of pickles (yes, I know it's weird, but this was a GREAT gift), a Certificate of Creativity, which enabled me to a trip to Hobby Lobby the next day, one Klutz Kit, and something I chose, chocolate-covered peanuts, trail mix, cream soda, and a bathrobe. From my Grandma and Grandpa Sackett, I got ten dollars and this awesome popcorn puzzle, packaged like food! From my Grandma and Grandpa Murphy I got $20.00. From Atheena I got the book Luv Ya Bunches and a Littlest Pet Shop with a homemade shoebox house! From my sister Elizabeth, I got a fifteen dollar Half-Price-Books gift card. From my brother Nate I got Lanyard String. WOW! THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!

The cake, which was vegan, was chocolate and VERY good. We played Werewolf, and Mad Gab! Most of us had a second piece of cake during Mad Gab.

Well, Atheena, David, and Augustine had to leave pretty soon after that, and my birthday was completed. But man, was it fun!

On Monday, I got the day off of school, and we went, of course, to Hobby Lobby. I had gotten a gift card there for Christmas, and it was spent on those loops used for making pot holders, tons of yarn, and knitting needles. There weren't any Klutz Kits, but I got pony beads as the thing I chose! I'm nearly out of the ones I got for my LAST birthday, after all. And that's all I did for Monday.

On TUESDAY, today, nothing has happened so far, EXCEPT for getting ANOTHER birthday present from my Aunt and Uncle. It was organizers: four canvas panels with pockets for organizing things like art supplies, and with it there is a packet of stickers and rhinestones and there are two fabric markers. WOAH!

Also, I am going on a weeklong diet, and I am going to be a vegetarian for a week! Not a very strict vegetarian, but no meat will be eaten.

Well, I guess this post has been long enough, or rather, too long! So, toodles till my next post!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy Holidays from... me!

Well, another Christmas has come and gone. And a new year has started, as well! But who would even notice that, unless they happened to glance at the brightly colored, chalk-drawn 2010 in the middles of the cul-de-sac. Yes, the new year is exactly like the old one, or at least, so far at is. But no disappointment there. 2009 was no different from 2008, either. Or was it?

Well, Homer and Trapper, the cat and dog, certainly didn't change, or at least, not in any way I can tell. Homer's still afraid of everything, and Trapper is still an annoying (yes, she's very annoying, especially at night when her shriek-like meow wakes everybody up), if still a darling, cat. But hey, animals don't change the year. Not usually, anyway.

I got my ears pierced, but that was in January. Just the beginning. Anyway, it didn't make much difference. Life still went on normally, right?

Rebecca and Izzy, two of my sisters, were gone most of the summer. That made things a bit dreary. Who couldn't miss two of the most cheerful, fun souls in the house?

Well, it would take forever to tell every single thing that changed 2009 from 2008, and anyway, those years are long gone. I'll tell you a little more about the life I carry around on my back. Not that it's heavy, I'm not complaining! My life is waaaaaaaaaaay easier than most.

Yesterday, Saturday, I got home from my grandma and grandpa's house, at six thirty in the morning. I was because my cousin Cathy Rubano was there, and, as she lives in Florida and I don't often see her, I wanted to set a couple of memories up for me to recall someday when I'm an grandparent myself and want to tell my grandkids some interesting stories.

My madre (mom, for those who don't know Spanish, not that I do) took me out to Fort Worth at about noon on Thursday. Fort Worth is where my grandparents live. It took about an hour to get there. When we did get there, Cathy was waiting. She gave me a Christmas present, how sweet of her! A fifteen dollar gift card to Target and a month long Club Penguin membership.

Club Penguin, for those who don't know already, is a computer game created by Disney. A member can buy stuff.

We also watched Sky High, one of my favorite movies. Whoever has seen it... isn't it GREAT? Well, maybe not to you, but to me, it is amazingly funny.

On Friday we went to Target to spend money, my favorite way to waste time. Not really, but it's in the top twenty. I bought two stuffed animals.

Saturday... a day of work. That's what it was for me on the second day of January. I cleaned my room from top to bottom. My mom and I had just gone out to buy a hammock for all of my millions (actually only seventy went in the hammock) of stuffed animals because they took up too much room. SO, of course, I had to clean out the room and choose the stuffed animals which would go in the hammock. Not only that, but under my mattress was a MESS, and so I cleaned that out too. I must admit, it is nice to have a neat, bump-less bed to sleep in, and it was rewarding to see how neat I can make things if I want to.

Then, today, I had to clean MORE, because my room magically got messy overnight, and my mom thought Mary Margaret, my other sister, would like it. I also cleaned off my cluttered dresser. Now, it actually looks really nice. I am pleased with my work, even though it took me all day. Well, I played my my best friend, Rose Dougherty, from four till six thirty, but still...

Well, I don't want to bore you quite yet, and if I have, you don't HAVE to read my blog! So, have a good year, and talk soon!