Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Percy Jackson The Sea Of Monsters

I read the second Percy Jackson book, and found that it was no better than the first. I am continuing to read them, as they are exciting, but I will doubtfully read them twice.

I encourage the reading of them still, though I don't think that they are nearly as good as I have heard from people.

Percy Jackson The Lightning Theif.

Upon reading the first Percy Jackson book, my feelings that they were badly written were confirmed, no offence to Rick Rioridan. I think that they are fantastic stories, but they could have been done better.

However, they are page turners, and are very addicting. I think that they should be read, and I think that they are good books, but they are very badly written.

Good grief, it's been a long while!

Eh, I haven't written in a long time. Gheeeee. Yeah, well anyway, to the point....

I went to FLORIDA! Actually, that was on the fourth, but not tooooooooooo long ago! Heck, most of you probably already know all about it! But who cares, I'll write about it anyway!

We (my cousin Molly and my cousin Lucy and Me) flew to Florida on the fourth, and that night, we set of fire works and did about a million sparklers. We all slept in my Aunt Amy's room, two on the bed, two on the floor. Cathy and I had the bed :).

On Monday, the when to an Oceanographic Center. I saw a starfish for the first time in my life, as well as a clown fish, sea cucumber, and sea horse. I got to pet a stingray, which I now know are very squishy and gross. At the gift shop, I bought a stuffed owl for ten dollars. I named him Merval.

On Tuesday, we went to an Energy place. There was this one awesome room where there were all the fantastic puzzles. Boy, were they hard! Hehe. I didn't do all of them, though. Just a few.

On Wednesday, we went to..... dum da dum dum.... HARRY POTTER WORLD! It was AWESOME! I had butterbeer, and it is sooooooo sweet, and sooooo yummy! It's like drinking sugar, cream soda, root beer, and syrup all in one. Mmmmmmmm.... I bought a rat for ten dollars, a jar of pepper imps for five dollars, and a key chain for ten dollars. Yay! :).

On Thursday, we went on a boat ride, and it was really cool. I saw some really cool birds, ten jillion turtles, and an aligator head. (it was attached to the body, we could just not see that part)

On Friday, we went to Target, which was awesome. I bought two stuffed animals and three LPS.

On Saturday, we went to the beach for the fourth time, we... hmm.... I don't think we did all that much... I don't remember.

Then, on Sunday, we... sniff sniff.... had to leave. :(!

Well, I hope I've intertained you! If you want to know more, call me! Please! Please!