Monday, September 20, 2010

And so, school starts, and everything goes wrong.

I'm super lucky. In a way. I didn't have to start school until September 7th.

But still, it's started now, and it's bad. Awful. :P. No, not really. Just math, and... grammar isn't that great. Kind of boring, yes.

However, my days have been being awesome because of... DUM DUM DUM DUM... DR WHO! It's the BEST TV show in the UNIVERSE. It's hilarious and scary and funny and awesome. Man, it's good. You should totally watch it. Just google "dr who season five episode one the eleventh hour" and try and find some way to watch it, believe me, you'll love it. If you don't already. :)

I'm totally into it. Really addicted. REALLY addicted. I love it.

Ok, and then, yeah, so last night was Constitution Day at UD... yummy supper. Good food. Cake. (NO LONGER HAS APPLE PIE!!!! RED ALERT!) Annnnnnnny way. As I was saying. My family didn't go. just me. I went with the Dougherty's. It rocked. me and Rose spent a lot of the time in the bathroom because there's a comfy couch there. We discussed DR WHO! Yay!

Now then. Let's see... Oo ooo ooo. Book Reviews. I'll squeeze one in.


This newest book by Eoin Colfer, fantastic author of Artemis Fowl, (duh) is grand. Simply fantastic. So good that words can't describe it. Mmmmm. So good. A delightful book, simply hilarious, and by all means amazing. So I guess a good word would be delaring... if you catch my drift. Delaring. Lovely word.

So if you haven't read it, check it out of your library or buy it.

I guess that rounds us all up, so, till my next post!