Saturday, January 23, 2010

Toil for Technology

My life is not centered around technical devices: cell phones, iPods, ect. But that does now, however, mean that I do not find them useful. For instance, I have an iPod Shuffle, and, even if I don't listen to it 24-7, that makes work more enjoyable. And CD players are great for listening to audio books, like, I am listening to Artemis Fowl, and I wouldn't know that there was more great literature out there if I weren't, because I didn't get too far reading with my own eyes.

I have recently, like, in the last few hours, obtained two new objects controlled by technology.

My Mom took me to Best Buy to see if they had a speaker for iPods, CD players, tape players, etc, clip-on headphones, and a rechargeable battery and charger. At Best Buy, a worker helped us to find a perfect speaker–a small, black animal with its skeleton on it, rather like the stuffed cat I recieved on my birthday from David and Augustine, but not distinguishable between species and with ribs painted on as well as skull and arms. I think that it deeply resembles a bear, but I'm not really sure. It is about three inches tall, with the speaker on the back of its head. I named it Skully, and I have half decided that it is of the male gender.

The great thing about Skully, is that it has a RECHARGEABLE BATTERY!!! Like an iPod, it has a cord which you plug into the computer and then takes about two hours to charge up.

At Best Buy there were also some headphones which reached my interest, but I decided not to get them because there might be better ones at Target. So, my Mom took me to Target. And there, I found the same kind, but about five dollars cheaper. I'm so glad we decided to go to Target!

Well, these two new technical devices work quite well, and I am sure they will for a while more, and that is all I have to tell today. So you'll have to hang on to this amzingly well written work untill my next post. Heehee!

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