Friday, January 22, 2010

Life is short–eat chocolate

(to be sung)

It's the best stuff in the world,
It's the best stuff in the world!
When your sweet tooth calls for sweets
It's best to eat chocolate.
When you're supposed to be eating your beets
Eat some chocolate instead.
When you're bored
Eat some chocolate!
And you will be completely cured.

Do you like my song? It was inspired by my sister, Rebecca, AKA Chucke. Care to know why?

About a week before my birthday, Rebecca called. I talked to her, and read her my list at her request. There was a lot of food mentioned on it. So she said,

"So if I get you food, you'd be happy?"

"Yeeeeeeeess," I replied impishly.

Now, today, Friday, a package came in the mail addressed: The Lowery's. I got to open it. There was some stuff for other people, a couple of things for her friend, Annie, whose birthday is coming up, and a cylinder-shaped package wrapped in a Hershey's bag labeled: My Baby. That was me, needless to say. I opened it and found a Hershey's can of about 25 mini-Hershey's bars, and that means–YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's my story of today, and I certainly hope you enjoyed it.

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