Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ready to be organized?

As I said in my last post, I got an organizer for my birthday. I gave little description of it, but it is four canvas panels with either a)2 pockets, b)3 pockets or, c)4 pockets in each one. They are bright pink, normal pink, and white. With it there came several fabric stickers, such as flowers and tags, and sixteen rhinestones. Oh, and there were, and are, two fabric markers as well.

So... it's an organizer, and I am not a very organize person. Yet. I can still change, and I will change, TODAY! First of all, I'm going to sort out my junk drawer. It will take a long time, but, hey, apparently it will save oodles of time later to do the stuff I want to do (that's that's what the organizer kit said)! After that, who know what? Maybe I'll be too tired to keep working. or maybe I'll sort through the rest of my drawers.

Yesterday I decorated my organizer with all the stickers and rhinestones and fabric markers. Today, hopefully, I will hang it up on the inside of my wardrobe door. I have already stuffed two pockets with all of my lanyard string, another with all of my empty key rings, and ANOTHER with all of the leftover stickers and rhinestones. I hope it won't tear the wardrobe door: it's cheap wood, after all, and if I drill holes in it...

My vegetarianism didn't go too well yesterday; I ate meat. :(. But I will start afresh today, take a deep breath, and quit being a carnivore!

Well, this post was destined to be short, and so it was. Makes up for my last one, though, doesn't it? Well, bye till my next post! Hope you enjoyed it!

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