Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do wishes ever come true?

I know some of mine have! Here's my favorite:

Well, I wanted to have my friend, Atheena Frizzell, over on Saturday night, and then she would be here the entire day on my birthday, Sunday. I called her, and she said she couldn't. How very, very sad! Ah well. Then, a day or two later, I happened to glance at the clock.

"It's 1:11," I cried. "Make a wish!" And I most certainly did. I wished that Atheena would be able to come over on Saturday to spend the night.

Then, my Mom had the BRILLIANT idea of me calling Atheena again, and asking her if she could spend the night on SUNDAY! She and her Mom and my brother David were already coming for supper, so it wouldn't hurt for her to stay, would it? So, I dialed her number and asked. And you can guess what Atheena said! No, she couldn't, BUT SHE COULD COME ON SATURDAY!!! I was so excited.

Well, Saturday came, sure enough. I was almost more excited about it then I was about my birthday! Atheena got here at about six or six thirty. Then
the fun began. First, she was introduced to everybody, because the last time she had come over, everybody had been gone on a backpacking trip, except for my Mom and I. Then, we went to the back, and she showed me how to play a game called Mad Gab, which is pretty hard to explain, but I'll do my best. So, there are a bunch of cards. There is a set of words on the cards, random words that make no sense whatsoever. But, when you put them together and take them apart, and say it over and over again, it comes to be a phrase, or a place, or a famous person. Something like that.

Well, after that, we began to make cards for the game Werewolf, which we would be playing on my birthday. We made ten cards, which was more than enough. But, unfortunately, before we could start, we had to eat dinner. Oh well, at least it was tasty–Italian Veggie Casserole! When we were finished, we started on the Werewolf cards. But, alas, we ONLY started. At about 9:30, we got ready for bed, and began to watch one of my favorite movies: SKY HIGH. I believe I mentioned watching it in my last post? Well, when it was over, it was almost midnight, and we had to get up early on Sunday for mass. Unfortunately for me, I got only two hours of sleep. :(

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! On Sunday morning, at 8:00, me and Atheena began to ready ourselves for mass. At 8:40, we left. At about 10:00, we got home, and my Mom started making breakfast–vegan pancakes! Atheena and I finished our Werewolf cards. The pancakes were delicious.

Throughout Sunday, me and Atheena did an assortment of things. Like, drawing fairyland, which is actually a lot less kiddish then it would seem. We also swung, went for a walk, and watched SKY HIGH again!

We had already started supper when Augustine and David came, which was enchiladas, but they joined right in. After supper, I opened presents.

From David and Augustine, I got two awesome T-shirts, one of which I am wearing right now, a sweater, which I am also wearing right now, and a stuffed cat named Lady Bones. From my Mom and Dad, I got a jar of pickles (yes, I know it's weird, but this was a GREAT gift), a Certificate of Creativity, which enabled me to a trip to Hobby Lobby the next day, one Klutz Kit, and something I chose, chocolate-covered peanuts, trail mix, cream soda, and a bathrobe. From my Grandma and Grandpa Sackett, I got ten dollars and this awesome popcorn puzzle, packaged like food! From my Grandma and Grandpa Murphy I got $20.00. From Atheena I got the book Luv Ya Bunches and a Littlest Pet Shop with a homemade shoebox house! From my sister Elizabeth, I got a fifteen dollar Half-Price-Books gift card. From my brother Nate I got Lanyard String. WOW! THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!

The cake, which was vegan, was chocolate and VERY good. We played Werewolf, and Mad Gab! Most of us had a second piece of cake during Mad Gab.

Well, Atheena, David, and Augustine had to leave pretty soon after that, and my birthday was completed. But man, was it fun!

On Monday, I got the day off of school, and we went, of course, to Hobby Lobby. I had gotten a gift card there for Christmas, and it was spent on those loops used for making pot holders, tons of yarn, and knitting needles. There weren't any Klutz Kits, but I got pony beads as the thing I chose! I'm nearly out of the ones I got for my LAST birthday, after all. And that's all I did for Monday.

On TUESDAY, today, nothing has happened so far, EXCEPT for getting ANOTHER birthday present from my Aunt and Uncle. It was organizers: four canvas panels with pockets for organizing things like art supplies, and with it there is a packet of stickers and rhinestones and there are two fabric markers. WOAH!

Also, I am going on a weeklong diet, and I am going to be a vegetarian for a week! Not a very strict vegetarian, but no meat will be eaten.

Well, I guess this post has been long enough, or rather, too long! So, toodles till my next post!

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