Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some people are failures in absolutely everything, like me

Like the fact that I can't give up dead-animal when the stuff is on the table. But, my Mom said that it was just my body telling me I needed the nutrients. Or that I can't follow a diet–well, I CAN, but I'd rather not. And like I never got around to cleaning out my junk drawer–I promised myself I'd do it the next day, which was yesterday, if you know what I mean. I didn't get around to it. I doubt I will today, either, but I'll try.

My friend Rose Dougherty and I started this awesome, outdoors game yesterday. It is based partly on the books Artemis Foul which she has read and I am starting. And, as we both love it, our game was inspired by it. Here's the game–we find twelve cool crystals or rocks in her backyard, we each take six, and hide them. The other person can see you hiding them, or whatever, so it isn't like hide and seek, but when we've finished hiding them, we start to play and pretend we don't know where they are, and our two yards are different parts of the world. And, our parents are multi-millionaires, so we have all this stuff–iPhones, normal phones, mini-laptops with an amazing connection wherever they are, and really fast, too, and tons of other stuff. Then our parents take us all over the world, not knowing that we are looking for magic stones (by the way, they are magic, and when they are all put together the owner(s) become invincible). So far, we've found one stone.

Well, that's about all the news, so, see you later, alligator!

"In a while, crocodile!"

"Mighty fine, porcupine!"

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