Saturday, September 24, 2011

I feel half-dead, anyway...

For the past three days (counting today) I've been caught in a cold. It sort of started Wednesday, cos I was feeling awful and I knew I had a cold coming on, so I could say past four days counting today. Or past three days not counting today. Or past three and a half days, counting what's happened of today. Except more like three and three quarters, cos it's almost seven. Well, it'd be a bit more than that, but being sick traps the mathematical mind into a use of only simple fractionyness.

Although it'll be later than that when I post this, cos it's now almost ten o'clock. I had to take a long break for dinner (Garbanzo bean raisin broccoli couscous carrot = not a kids meal, all adults admit it, even the cook) and dessert (cookies 'n cream ice cream).

I've been spending my sickly days basically playing on the iPad and on our Tetris (I'm getting steadily better at Tetris. I used to be horrible, now I'm semi-good), reading Harry Potter (I was in need of a good, exciting book, and Harry Potter was pretty much the only option available), and nothing. Lots of fun, except that I feel terrible.

I finally got my Dad to watch a Dr Who with me. He's tried it twice and hasn't liked it, but this one, School Reunion, was a winner. It was the metal dog that did it, I suppose. It's impossible to deny the wondrousness of K9. Hopefully we'll have another go sort of sooner rather than really later.

Thursday was a very very big night. My Mom's birthday was officially on Wednesday, but on Thursday everybody was here, so a very big dinner was created by my sisters Becca and Izzy. There was steak, potatoes, bread, salad, red bell peppers with blue cheese, and probably more. I very sadly could barely enjoy it, me being in the state I was in. Izzy accidentally used super spicy ingredients on the steak, and some of us spent more than a minute in a fit of agony, but that didn't stop us from enjoying it. It was one of the two dishes I had, and the only one I had seconds of, and ate for lunch two days after.

This Pearls comic appeared on Wednesday the 21st. I loved it! I didn't get a chance to cut it out before it was recycled, so I'll have to post it on my blog. Hopefully the rest of the world finds it equally hilarious!

It's main attraction is the Welsh... if it was Swahili, it would be funny, but not hilarious.

And on that delightful note, I'm going to bed cos I'm sick and I need lots of sleep.

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