Wednesday, September 07, 2011

6 Years of Education and Counting

Even though my high level of brilliance will not be improved by school, I unfortunately still have about ten years worth of education to go through. I know I'm too smart to learn anything else, but apparently, nobody else does.

I naturally wouldn't have school on Labor Day (which was on Monday for anybody who isn't caught up in current events), so I started the day after, which was yesterday. Fortunately my schoolbooks had not yet arrived from Seton, so I only had to do algebra (see, I'm already like two years ahead in math. I started algebra when I was eleven, for heaven's sake. I'm twelve now. I started it last year. You know.) and history. However, today was a full school day. Lots of reading and math. Not too bad, but already the stress of the school year is creeping upon me.

To end my first week of school, I will be consoled with a Dr Who sleepover with my idiot of a friend, Rose Dougherty. It'll be to celebrate our being obsessed with Dr Who for a year. It's going to be so awesome! Well, only the Dr Who part, having to spend a longer period of time than the average three hours with Rose is going to be like committing suicide. 

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