Friday, September 09, 2011

Mr Monk Goes to Hawaii

For Monk lovers and mild fans of the show, this novel could be gold. I would probably fall under the category mild fan, but I didn't find this book to be nearly as good as the actual thing. Lee Goldberg, who has written episodes of Monk, wrote twelve or so Monk novels, some of which were turned into episodes. The other Monk fan in the house is my Dad, and we bought Mr Monk Goes to Hawaii on our Kindle. I can't say it's my favorite book, but neither is it bad.

Goldberg is a good writer, and displayed Hawaii's beauty with talent. I naturally have never been to Hawaii, but I got what was hopefully a realistic picture of Hawaii. Monk's obsessive compulsive actions didn't stray far from his character on the show, keeping his need of cleanliness and order in line. The certain things distracting him were quite Monkish and worthy of praise.

The story is told in first person by Monk's assistant, Natalie Teeger. Her feelings and annoyances at Monk's actions are written out by the page, and it does well to describe the difficulties of her job.

Overall it is a good story and it pulls together neatly. It is not a book I would likely reread, but if you are in need of a new Monk mystery, it would be a good choice. 

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