Sunday, June 12, 2011

Long time, no public writing

Ah, it has been so long since I've written my blog. I'll have to work hard these next few days, I have so much to write about!

Well, not really. Because I have been writing. I've been writing at least 750 words a day for the last month. I write a lot. I am so busy pursuing my career that I haven't spared a thought about blogging. But at least I have been exercising my talents, and not wasting my time,w ell, not all my time, anyway, on computer games and rereading page turners.

I've been writing my book a lot in the past week. Roughly three pages a day is my goal, which, of course, I do on And that is coming along brilliantly.

The topic of the hour. Doctor Who. Yes, yes, I know you're all dreading this. But I can't help it. I don't understand how anybody could not sit down for an episode and not love it within the first two minutes. But alas, the first seven episodes of series six are over. And they are all amazing! Oh, I am so excited... I cannot wait to watch the last six come autumn!

All the important news has been shared. And so I am finished. 

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