Thursday, March 03, 2011

Chickens That Are Very Small And Only 3 Weeks Old

last Monday, me and my mom went to Denton to buy... dum dum dum dum... wait for it... CHICKS! We got twelve, four breeds three of each. Six are yellow, and six are black and white. They are all super cute, and it is hilarious how they walk like chickens, with their head held high. Since they are too young to be outside + the Chicken Coop isn't finished, they are currently back by the guinea pigs. In their own cage, but in the same room.

They are bigger than you would imagine and they are becoming very good fliers. They are extremely soft, and I have chosen one I can tell apart from all the others. She is a black chick with lots of white on her wings, and I named her Pepper.

That is all the chicken news. I will post more on Pepper later. Maybe. 

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