Thursday, March 10, 2011

Burnt Ash Wednesday

2011's Ash Wednesday started out as any normal Ash Wednesday. I went to mass at noon, fasted the whole day, it was great. Very basic, very hungry Ash Wednesday.

Until about 6:45 pm. We always have hard boiled eggs for dinner on Ash Wednesday. So I was making the eggs, and I was straining them at the sink, running cold water over them and all. And the pan they were boiling in was still full of boiling water. That particular pan has a very wobbly handle. So as my mom was turning to dump the water out in the sink, the pan tipped and spilled super hot water all over the kitchen. And a whole bunch landed in my hand.

I was wearing my fingerless gloves, and they trapped the heat in. So I was burned terribly. The back of my hand is covered in a massive disgusting burn, and two of my fingers as well. I will not post a picture of what it looked like this morning because you would probably be sick.

I don't remember many Ash Wednesdays. I'm sure that this one will be the most fantastic thing that will happen to me on an Ash Wednesday, unless I break a leg next year. 

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