Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Teenage Years

The age of thirteen is upon me, as of yesterday. Thirteen solid years of brilliance, plus one day. Two days.

After Christmas, Big Bend, and Izzy & Chris's engagement (to make a long story short, they got engaged a week or so ago. Very exciting), I was just like, I'm sick of celebrating.

Okay, not really sick of celebration. But I definitely didn't want a big party like last year. Okay, last year wasn't big by most people's standards. But this year, I wanted an even smaller celebratory event.

The answer? i Fratelli's. Eating out; an almost foreign activity in my family. But with two of our family in the restaurant business, and the wishes of a low-key birthday, it was an excellent answer. Rose and Joan Dougherty attended the outing, making us a party of twelve. We had good fun, showing off our bad manners. Thank heavens we had a more private part of the restaurant.

When we had eaten more than we should have, we departed the place of Italian cuisine and went home for cake and presents.

Ah, presents. The best way of acquiring more stuff. Don't we love 'em?

On the table, there sat my wonderful batch of gifts, from people all over the house, and two from people from the house next door.

A spectacular show of flying tissue paper, knotted ribbons, and most importantly, presents. So much stuff! Chocolate, Harry Potter books, jewelry, an external hard drive, baseball cards (for the secret fan hidden deep within me), and gel pens being among the stuff. Thank you again to all the wonderful, wealthy friends who contributed to my stash of treasures!

I said earlier that we went home for cake and presents. I lied. We didn't have cake. Instead, we had ice cream sundaes, equally good for all lovers of ice cream! And what better a way to have sundaes than with chocolate sauce, hardshell, mini m&ms, Reeces Pieces, chopped up Ghiridelli chocolate chips, gummy bears, caramel sauce, chocolate and caramel popcorn, and sprinkles?

Happy Birthday to me!

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