Monday, October 31, 2011

Spinner's Beginning

As some will know, I am well learned in the art of fiber, this being yarny stuff like knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, etcetera.

Recently, one of my favorite pass times is spinning. I haven't been able to much since I learned how to in July, but this past Tuesday me and my mother went to the Shabby Sheep yarn store in Dallas. We bought some roving and drop spindles. We got four different colors of roving: dark brown, light brown/grey, lavender, and a sort of reddish-orangish-brownish. After making out purchase, we sat on the front porch of the Shabby Sheep and practiced our spinning. We had lots of fun!

I've been making some 'art yarns' out of scrap wool I bought. I'm almost out of the scraps, but then I'll just keep spinning in solid colors.

Here are some pictures of what I've spun since July!

Here's all the yarn I've spun so far. Oldest to newest going from left to right. You can see how I'm improving...

This is my most recent. It's an art yarn, and at 58.3 yards it's the most I've ever spun.

This is the one I did on the porch of the Shabby Sheep.

Another skein of artistic randomosity. I did this almost two months ago, but I didn't take it off my old drop spindle until a few days ago.

Just a little scrap of yellow-orange yarn. I probably did this in all of ten minutes.

The first art yarn I did. Half it's already been used on a weaving.

This too is leftover from something. This was the second yarn I ever spun. I wasn't very good at it yet...

This was just a little sample of wool I had that I made when I was bored, and to keep my skills up to speed. I still wasn't very good, and I spun it really fast.

Ah, my very first. I know–– it looks horrible and all. I completely agree. But it is my very first yarn.

This is what I'm working on now. It's another art yarn, and I'm using up the last of my scraps on it.

There's all my yarn! I'm very proud of myself.

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