Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amon Carter

I love that name for a museum. Sort of... yeah. Whatever.

So we went today to see the 'Allure of Paper' exhibit at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. Well, naturally we didn't only see the watercolor and drawings featured, but also all the other lovely, or not so lovely, art. My favorite was a small statue of a woman spinning with a distaff and drop spindle, which I'm proud to say I could name what she was doing, thanks to the fiber class I took at the Shabby Sheep.

Me being me, I got bored very quickly and went to sit in a sort of place with couches and chairs to write. Which I did for quite a while before Rebecca showed me where the exhibit was so I could see all the amazingly detailed drawings and watercolors. Shortly after that, we went down to the gift shop. I purchased a card for my soldier Marsha Clark and a postcard for my 'friend' 'Geniuz Roz' (Rose).

Lunch was taken at an Italian restaurant I don't know the name of. Izzy and madre split an anchovy and spinach pizza, MM and Becca split a pepperoni/sausage/onion/green pepper pizza, and I had stromboli, which I could only eat half of.

Home was the next destination, and here we are, now awaiting a hopefully and probably delicious meal made by Rebecca, followed by a probably even better dessert.  

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