Monday, January 03, 2011

Deep Blue Something

As I write this I am as well watching a documentary on the ocean. my mother and father are watching it too. It is gorgeous, everything is so amazing. It amazes me, every single defense mechanism and warning device, every bit of God's work perfect and beautiful.

Soon, I am going to watch an episode or two of Doctor Who, and then I'm going to read some, I'm thinking of restarting THE DARK IS RISING books by Susan Cooper, I am currently reading the last one, but I have not read it in so long I am going to start the entire series over.

Mulchy was just drinking some water, and now he has gone into his igloo. He is looking for something to eat, as always. He looks kind of sleepy. Julius is probably asleep, I'm not sure.

And on that note, Anna Lowery, signing off.

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