Thursday, December 30, 2010


Aaaaaaand so it is 2:30 in the morning here in Ruidoso. I can't sleep, and I'm also watching Dr Who, and I'm not sure it's a brilliant mixture. I am writing bits and pieces, big bits and pieces as it happens, because it has to buffer. I'm watching one that I don't own, I got a series for Christmas, because this is the one I want to watch because I haven't seen it.

Earlier today, around 3:30-:3:45, in the afternoon, we all set off to go tubing. We were all dressed up in weird clothes, snow pants and rain pants and jackets and stuff, it was fun. When we got there, we went up the mountain a bunch to see the skiing place, where everybody is going tomorrow except for me, and Sara Hevron. I didn't have much fun tubing, sorry to say. :( I enjoyed the first ride but then I went on one with these two big bumps and I didn't like it. Shortly after that, we had dinner at the tubing place kind of close to a fire, but still half frozen. My hands, at least, were half frozen. We had bagels with cream cheese cucumbers and salmon, I didn't have cucumbers, they were yummy. While we were eating, there was a power shortage so all the lights went out, and it was about 7:30 or something, so it was very very dark, except for the kids place, which was somehow powered up and running with all it's happy glowy lights. It was still very dark. We waited around a bit finishing dinner, and then we left and people will go back sometime in the next couple of days, if we can.

When we got home I put on a Dr Who Christmas Special, and Dan, me, and Ben watched the whole thing. other people watched bits of it. Then everybody played Taboo, but not me because I don't like those kinds of games because I am under too much pressure and don't have fun. Then, we pretty much all went to bed. I watched a bit of Dr Who, and tried and failed to go to sleep and then I finished the book YOUNG JOAN, about St. Joan of Arc, and that was really good. And now I'm doing this. Still waiting for Dr Who to work.

I believe that whoever reads my blog knows what happened Christmas Eve, and if you don't know email me at and I will tell you about it. Christmas Morning, however, I will talk about.

So I got up at 7:30, and found in and around my stocking: 5 packs of colored sculpey clay, decorative soap with a penguin stuck in it, Briiiiight silver duck tape, chocolate, Saltwater taffy, DR WHO series two, iTunes gift card, and possibly something else that I don't remember. We headed to mass at 8:40, and then we had a biggish breakfast that we usually have on Sunday but you can understand why we had it Christmas day. Elizabeth and I went to visit my Dad in the hospital, and brought him our presents. Later on we all went, and that was fun. i watched an episode of Dr WHo with Dan and Nate. For dinner we had our traditional Lasagna that we've been having for the past few years.

And that just about rounds it up. Happy 12th birthday to Atheena Frizzell.

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