Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So Monday night me and my friend Atheena set up a sleepover for Tuesday, and yesterday, I was picked up at about 1:30. We then went to Spiral Diner, and we all shared a plate of yummy vegan nachos with olives and guacamole and stuff that was delicious, and then David and Augustine went to a Memorial service and Atheena and I stayed at the Spiral. We each got a milkshake. I got cookies and cream, she got chocolate.

When we got to Atheena's apartment, we painted. I painted a picture of the TARDIS (The Doctor's (dr who) Time Machine) traveling, and I drew a picture of a turtle race for my dad.

Augustine, david, and Augustine's mom went to Whole Foods, and ATheena and I stayed home. Still painting. Augustine and David came home about three hours later, then left again to take Augustine's Mom home. Atheena and I made ourselves dinner.

Here is what we made: It started out as just a pickle sandwich, then we added some cheese, then a vegan hamburger. We called it Double A Burger, and when David and Augustine got home we ummmmm made them some too, and pretended to have a restaurant. We called it Double A Deli. The price was cleaning the kitchen, which David did.

This was pretty late, and we ended up not getting to bed till nearly one o'clock. We were oing to go to bed at 11 or so, but things didn't work out that way.

Then, this morning, Jonah, Augustine's friend's seven-year-old son, came, and we all painted. I painted another picture of the TARDIS, this time jut sitting in the night sky. I really like it.

Atheena and I made pasta salad, with bow-tie pasta, tomatoes, rosemary, lemons, and a bunch of spices. It was delicious! We were about to start The Shakespeare Code ( a Dr Who), when Augustine and David decided to go get the Christmas tree, so they left, with Atheena, and Jonah and I watched a different Dr WHo called BLINK. When Atheena got back, we watched the Shakespeare Code while decorating the tree.

Not long after that, Jonah's mom came, and not long after THAT, we all left to pick up Augustine's car and take me home.

So that was my super-duper sleepover!

As I write this, I am watching my Dr Who screensaver, with about 65 photos of three different Doctors. And on that note, I am off!

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