Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanks Giving on Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanksgiiiiiiiiiiiiivning. Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving.... Okay. In the morning, everybody except for me and MM went to the Turkey Trot. I Think. So we were left to make breakfast for everybody. which we did. I didn't enjoy myself.

So everybody came home and we were all having a good time and everything, and then we went and visited my Dad at the hospital, which was fun...

Then, at about fooooooouuuuurrrrrrrr o'clock we all came home, because my Dad was tired. So then everybody,w as like, cooking and I was just sitting on the computer.

Right now, my guinea pig Julius is chewing on newspaper and it sounds really funny. Just had to say that.

So at about six-thirty we had dinner. Here's a picture of the table! We did it so fancy and nice this year! It was awesome! *

Augustine and David brought over TONS of yummy desserts: Lemon Pie, (Which Augustine made very sweetly because it was my favourite) Turtle Something, Bread Pudding I Think, Pumpkin Pie, and Possibly Something Else That I don't Remember. Back on that, if I do. We all played Bananagrams except for some of us, like me. Augustine and I played a couple of round of Boggle, and I actually beat her, which is totally and completely unheardof, even though I am really good at it.

After that, we went to see the new disney movie Tangled, which was FANTASTIC!

So we were done with that near midnight, and we were all pretty tired, so we headed to bed! 

And there's my Thanksgiving! 

*That picture of the Thanksgiving table was not real, I just found it on the internet. Our table looked MUCH better. 

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