Friday, April 09, 2010

Hello, little Gnomes!

Today I went to Gnome Park, aka Highland's Park, with the Dougherty's. We went on Tuesday, too. Yay!

At Gnome Park, when you first get there, there is a playground. You can go down one path, follow a stream for a while, and then, enter a dark sewage tunnel. Not really. It just has a little trickle of water you can slip in and get soaked, like I did. So you go through the tunnel, and come out to another stream. You can climb up onto a wall, and then go to the gnomes from there.

There are six gnomes. One is sitting on a big mushroom, eyes closed. I like to think of this on as a poet. Another is sleeping, and another is riding on a huge turtle. Then there are three dancing around a tree!

You can wade in the shallow parts of th pond, or walk along the banks, when you can, hehehe. Sometimes there is a path, sometimes there isn't!

That's all folks! Thank for reading!

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